The Laila & Brenda Show

The Laila & Brenda Show

Software is eating the world, but who’s building the software?
Developer Laila Winner and designer Brenda Storer host interviews with inspirational designers, developers, and other makers in tech.

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    3: For the Right Reasons (Jessie Young)

    GSA, EPA, SEC -- not only is there an acronym for every US federal agency, there's also a lot of software. Developer Jessie Young talks to Brenda and Laila about bringing modern development practices to the government through her work at 18F, a civic consultancy for public digital services.

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    2: Never Full (Elle Meredith)

    Elle Meredith, Ruby developer and prolific event organizer, joins Laila and Brenda to share what she's learned about building community and tips for practicing continuous self-improvement.

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    1: A Different Kind of Job-Title

    In the first episode of The Laila & Brenda Show, Brenda and Laila talk about their non-linear paths to careers in software development, the relationship between community involvement and learning new technical skills, and NSYNC versus the Backstreet Boys.